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My Only Art Style
This is truly my only art style. The Only One I can do is the classic.

Weird Arms 
2-D Legs and Feet
Rectangle body
No Improvement with my Art
Well I tried to make a new OC who is a fairy but it's coming to a fail so yeah. I've made no new progress. I'm where I started
My Group Is A Failure Like MeDepressed 
Most of my drawings will be monochromatic since I'm not the best at colour
I'm currently making a map of the place.

I'm sorry :icontricksterrrr666: but if you aren't more active then you can't be a co-founder;(. I took :icontractiss: advice when they said that me and my staff are apart of the groups presentation

I'm taking spaces for the Seven Deadly Sins team of the group

Wrath: Open

Lust: Open

Pride: Open

Greed: Open

Gluttony: Open

Envy: Open

Sloth: Open

That is all
Scratch that, I have 2 styles
I only have one style, 2-D. Take a look

<da:drawing id="659953637" format="200H">
My Proxy Hunter OC Thomas by AOS1981
<da:drawing id="658961146" format="200H">
<da:drawing id="653441419" format="200H">
Only a few more days until Jake's death.

In order to redo myself I need to make some changes. They include having Jake killed
Many question on how the base came to be under an old apartment building. It's quite a mystery to some while to others they just go ahead with it. Here is how the story began.

Floater was wandering high through the sky. He was given a mission by Flicker to look for some place to set up a base. He was high in the sky until he saw something interesting. It was an old abandoned town that was in a plains with a forest about 18 feet away from it. The town was a medium size with a few houses and shops as well as a big school building about 3 stories tall. There was also a motel building about 3 feet tall. It had stairs to the the middle and top story doors and had an entrance at the bottom. Floater of course reported to Flicker what he was seeing and Flicker felt a joy. Flicker then ordered Floater to search the motel for anywhere good to setup as a base. Floater flew inside and floated around while also searching each and every motel room with the keys still at the front desk. Floater then decided he saw enough but before he did he saw and old door to the left side of the motel. He opened it and saw a huge staircase go down with a door at the bottom. He of course flew down the stares and opened the door. He was shocked at what he saw. It was tremendous, there was an underground city. Floater was amazed at his discovery, 'master i've found under the motel of what appears to be an underground city' he said in astonishment. 'Sounds interesting and useful, Floater please scout out the entire place'. 'As you wish master' Floater said an began exploring. There were shops, a carnival and some other buildings too. So a few days later Flicker and his Proxies came to the place and decided to sort it out. Flicker had his hundreds of fire familiars and Ronin to start construction. Jake used his skeletal form and fire to clear the rubbish. Ink sprayed Flicker's symbols on the property to show that it became their territory. 
How The Gang Came To Be Origins
Well I decided to make it

Thanks :iconxxxheartbreakerxxxx: for the suggestion;)
I think the only thing I can draw are OCs. Humanish ones of course. 2-D ones, you know, look back at my old artwork and you'll know what 2-D OCs I mean like with their noodle arms and feet and heads. I think thats all i'm gonna post
PH The Librarian/Sorry Gift
Meh, I just figured I would make this. To be honest, I know it's not good but I don't care if you yell at me. This is also a new sorry gift for Ink. I can't do a background. I did hands on one of the books though

The Librarian belongs to :iconthe-royal-ink:
Art was done by Me. AND NO IT WASN'T TRACING OKAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake's Special Jalapeno
This is one of Jake's creations. He added some of his fire and Jalapeños to make an extremely hot one. Do you dare try it??
I'm thinking of making :iconflickerspastagang: a Mafia theme group or a gang or just a school theme or all 3
I want to get my character ready for :iconworldtrain: but i'm having so much trouble

I want to make him the embodiment of greed. I was thinking he had money eyes. A brown shirt. Some brown trousers. And maybe some black shoes. Also maybe he could be grey and have some sort of hair

I need help to draw him
Done by a talented artist  Request Box | Always Open:iconDindanda:
i decided to open a request box to improve my art  
I enjoy practicing and trying out new things like style, poses, different type of characters, etc.

- Watch me (new watcher are welcome <3 )
but please dont watch me just for a free art ; w ; )
- Make a journal or poll about this my request box, i want everyone to know this XD 

- Character(s) Reference :
- Anything i should know about the character(s) :
- journal/poll :
Important !

→ i'm good at drawing anime and sonic style, i'm not good at furries, anthros, ponies. but i want to try to draw them to improve my art.
→ you can request a characters from Game, Anime, Manga or someone in real life too, just give a link to their picture
→ i might draw them only in my free time, especially when I need to practice or when i want to draw them.
My Failed ID Reference
Well I failed. This was going to be for a sin in my up coming :iconflickerspastagang: Group

One of the gangs will be the Seven Deadly Sins with each member being an embodiment of a different sin.

There will be seven of course. 
It was 3:00 am in the morning and a lot of Proxies were asleep. Jake was hanging from his rope on the tree while fast asleep. He was a bit disturbed in his sleep from his dream. Here is how his dream was happening.

He was in a city. He was wearing casual clothes with while covering his face with a hoodie. He kept on walking ignoring all the people in the city. Eventually he made it to a grass plains. There he started to write something on a note. He saw a train track and walked on it. He just stood there with the note still in his hand and put it in one of his trouser pockets. Suddenly a train was coming but Jake didn't move. The train was getting closer and at that moment Jake turned himself on fire. The train hit him and exploded.

Jake later on woke up startled and looked around but was thankful it was a dream. 
My Happypasta Slender OC: Jenni
Here is my first Happypasta OC and it's a Slender. I adopted this from :iconpurplekitty99: 

Name: Jenni
Nicknames: Rainbow Ballerina, 
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Date Of Birth: Unknown
Left/Right Handed: Right
Affiliation: Flicker
Occupation: Proxy Master/Proxy (Sorta)
Species: Slender
Personality: Joyful. A Happy Spirit. Extremely Hostile when made. 
Place Of Origin: New York
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120 lbs
Sexual Preference: Straight
Skin Colour: White
Eye Colour: None
Hair Colour: Bottom Layer is Dark Blue, Middle Layer Is Pink and Top Layer Is Green
Fears: Those who want to cause misery and pain.
Interests: Ballet. Dancing. Roses. Puppies. Kittens. Music.
History: Not much is known about Jenni. Nobody knows where she came from or how she was born. She is however extremely young meaning she hasn't been around for too long. She was found by Flicker one day when she was about 7 years old. He of course took her in and raised her like she was his own daughter.

Powers and Abilitie(s):

Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Her Tentacles. She often has 8 and are strong enough to rip through wood. Tentacles can turn black when she is angry.
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Teleportation
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Mind Control 
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Can interfere with electronic devices, e.t cameras or phones, causing a static sound to be played and static to appear
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Mood Enhancement 
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Slender Sickness. (Her Slender Sickness instead heals people when they are ill or have cuts and bruises)


Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Ballet
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Singing
Rainbow Dot Bullet - F2U! Making Flower Crowns


Bullet; Black She's not physically that strong
Bullet; Black Small compared to most Slenders
Bullet; Black She's very happy most of the time

Current Proxies: None

Her Proxy Rules:

Proxies don't have to be human but must be weaker than her
Have to be from ages 4 to 11
Must be a Happypasta Proxy
She goes after children who are abused by their parents but keep on trying to be happy
Well It's Underdevelopment
I'm Loosing More Faith In My Artwork SkillsAnnoyed RED ( Emoticon ) Annoyed RED ( Emoticon ) 

I ain't done any improvements


AOS1981's Profile Picture
Artist | Other
United Kingdom
I'm a piece of shit Artist who can only make lame OCs

Requests: I'm too bad to do that
Commission: Don't waste points on me
Gifts: I can't draw anything good enough quality for a gift
Art Trade: It wouldn't be fair to the people who put in effort



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